LET: General Education Part 6

This is the Multiples Choice Questions Part 6 of General Education. In preparation for the LET Exam, practice, and familiarize every question we have, it might be included in the actual examination. Good luck.

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General Education Part 6

1. The best definition of the meaning of a word.

a. the object to which refers

b. its general dictionary definition

c. its use in a particular situation

d. its corresponding idea in the mind

Answer: a

2. People living in the mountainous and rugged areas were advised about the occurrence of La Nina. This means?

a. there will be famine

b. there will be drought

c. there will be abundance

d. there will be flash floods

Answer: d

3. Professionals going to abroad to seek greener pastures as on type of _____?

a. brain drain

b. employment

c. tourism

d. migration

Answer: a

4. “The modern heroes are understandable products of one’s literacy heritage and the present world. Heroes of the present are prototypes of the society in which they flourish. This means?

a. Heroes are alike, modern and classical

b. Modern society affects the modern literary heroes

c. Literature has heroes who represented the people, race and times

d. Modern heroes are the embodiment of the society’s values

Answer: c

5. The victim’s father refused revenged when he said:

a. “an eye for an eye”

b. “Justice is always delayed”

c. “Don’t take the law into your hands”

d. “Give him the other cheek”

Answer: c

6. Identify the Filipino value and its influence on the Filipino youth as stated:

a. Lack of Initiative ….. Passionism

b. Faith ….. Conflicting attitudes

c. Extreme personalism ….. Individualism

d. Lack of discipline ….. Indifference

Answer: c

7. We should work for a total ban _____ of pesticides that are hazardous to man.

a. on the use

b. by the use

c. on using

d. with the use

Answer: a

8. “I will only with the heart that one can see rightly.” This means _____?

a. the heart is always correct about everything

b. important things are not always for the heart but for the brain

c. heart should always be over and above the brains

d. only the heart can see the beauty of life and love

Answer: d

9. “I will take the road less travelled by and be condemned if necessary” said one politician. His decision shows _____?

a. regrets come before decision

b. decision are made despite differences from the majority

c. decision are made on the crossroads

d. regrets come after decisions

Answer: b

10. What word is not properly spelled and used in this sentences?

a. There were commission on the fare

b. There were confusion on admissions

c. There was confusion on the plane

d. There was confusion of directions

Answer: c

11. You should be more _____ instead of being _____ in order to avoid committing mistakes.

a. literature ….. erudite

b. intelligent …… smart

c. cautious ….. impetuous

d. practical ….. passive

Answer: c

12. Only world-class athletes win medals at the Olympic Games. Michael Phelps won several gold medals in swimming at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. therefore:

a. Michael Phelps is an all-time American swimmer

b. Australia won the most number of gold medals in swimming

c. Michael Phelps is world-class athlete and an Olympian

d. Michael Phelps is a swimmer

Answer: c

13. I. Treasury bills have an interest rage of 6.85 per annum.

II. Savings accounts have an interest rate of only 2% per annum.

III. Treasury bill used to have 9-10% interest rate per annum. Therefore, it us better to invest in Treasury bills than just put your money in regular savings account.

a. definitely true

b. most likely true

c. most likely false

d. definitely false

Answer: b

14. “She was a Phantom of delight ….. When first she gleaned upon my sight. “William Wordsworth.

a. metaphor

b. simili

c. apostrophe

d. hyperbole

Answer: a

15. Which of the following words are misspelled?

  1. Transgression
  2. Transcent
  3. Inmunity
  4. Percieve

a. 2 & 3

b. 2,3 & 4

c. 1, 3 & 4

d. 1, 2 & 3

Answer: b

16. He has the dubious distinction of being the lowest man in his class.

a. strange

b. satisfying

c. doubtful

d. existing

Answer: c

17. The evidence gathered against the racketeers incriminates some high government officials as well.

a. exacerbate

b. accuse

c. intimidate

d. discriminate

Answer: b

18. Jose does not need a new car, but he traded his old one to keep up with the Joneses.

a. to imitate others in extravagance

b. to be responsible

c. to be envious

d. to please others

Answer: a

19. The politician is a witty speaker but he beats around the bush too much.

a. speaks emotionally

b. away from the public

c. avoids the main topic

d. keeps on talking

Answer: c

20. After all has been said, the issue was a tempest in a teapot.

a. temperature dropped

b. simmered down

c. heated argument followed

d. boiled down to nothing

Answer: d

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